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Through the altavista.com translator

I got the following : (ps I think "Chair Can Dull translated wrong from either Gamilon/the new voyage/or Iscandar?):

Rumor of up-to-date work
Already, because is displayed form with such as game magazine and game Shaw, also rumor being at all not to be, it does, but (^ ^;
Secure, being we would like to renew it does, but with present job because of busy circumstance, already please wait for a while.....

* It is the software for the PS2.
* February of 2002 sale and schedule.
Is sleeplessness non- ? mode, but is not the case that development is late, (the ^^;
* PS edition " Farewell Yamato- " continuation from ending it seems
It becomes start from the ending of generally known, TV edition.
" The going on a journey which becomes space battleship Yamato new " is scenario of the original.
* As for sound " Farewell Yamato- " in the same way full voice
You say or " Farewell Yamato- " with above doing, you do not do you do not obtain, (the ^^;
It was serious with volume above the previous production.....
* Polygon it depends on the model, also scenario production is strengthened substantially seems.
Past the to game it converts also the fight of the series it seems
Because " the going on a journey which becomes new " is the original, as for Yamato in order to rescue the crisis of chair can dull,
It goes on a journey toward the chair can dull it is the case that facing, but in the middle of the navigating, " it becomes far, - ", " Farewell Yamato- " the battlefield
It passes. Because of that, other than production of recollection scene and the like, original " PART1 ", " Farewell Yamato- " typical aggressive scene
The to game it has converted with the latest game system.
* 3d fleet game in space actualization
The front 2 works processed with combined use with the HEX map and 3d battle.
This time one battle was actualized completely in the 3d space.
In addition, this time, in order to be able to try various strategies with the person who is played, it is possible to form the fleet freely.
.... With, when you write, you think whether the person who is thought seriously it is, but also being to be " an automatic formation function of the fleet ", it is relief, (the ^^;
* Finally, you can shoot the wave motion gun in the 3d space it seems
" It becomes far, - " " Farewell Yamato- " as for the person who was played you think you understand, but so far as for the wave motion gun the HEX map using
It was processed. This time, it reaches the point where you can shoot the wave motion gun with the 3d map.
How, you can shoot also the spread wave motion gun, (and, also the death Ra gun....).
However, because it reaches the point where you can shoot in the 3d space, there is a possibility of coming off (the ^^;
Because of that, it induced the enemy to the ray of the wave motion gun, using separated party, it cornered the enemy inside the range, with said,
Also the device in order to use the wave motion gun effectively becomes necessary.
In addition, it has increased also the strain which is in the midst of energy filling up, (laughing).

Combining also the apology which cannot be renewed easily....